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Diamond the Desert Shepherd Dog Book 1 Diamond Travels Saudi Arabia (Paperback)

Diamond the Desert Shepherd Dog - Book 1

ISBN: 978-1492112662

About This Book

Once upon a time, there was a little Shepherd pup named Diamond. She was only five months old and she lived with the man with the checkered hat in a house in the desert near the sea. Even though she was so young, Diamond was a seasoned traveler. She was born in Germany and traveled to Saudi Arabia by plane passing through Egypt on the way. In fact, Diamond loved to travel! Whenever the man in the checkered cap would grab his keys and head to the door, Diamond would be right there with him. It didn’t matter to Diamond where he was going – to the store, to the beach, to the airport – wherever he was going Diamond wanted to be right there with him! And that’s just how Diamond was able to visit places in Saudi Arabia where she met interesting new creatures!