The Fairy Godmother

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About This Book

Once upon a time, there lived a fairy godmother. She was wise and very old and she loved to grant wishes to those who deserved to have their wishes granted. Every night she flew all over the earth looking for someone good; someone who deserved to be heard.

One night, as she was flying through the Alps, she heard someone crying. She looked and looked and finally, way below the clouds, sitting in a clearing alone in the moonlight, she saw her. A pretty young woman sat alone on a log, her head buried in her hands.

The fairy godmother knew right away that this was a good person and someone who deserved to have her wishes granted. She knew also that the Fairy Godmother Guild required that all supplicants must be proved before any wishes could be granted. Wise in the ways of her craft, the fairy godmother thought and thought and thought some more until she knew how she would test the young woman.

“Three tests I give.” And these are the tests….