Hi! And welcome to my author’s page. I’m Nonno Vecchio and I write stories for children, teens, and young adults. I write to entertain my grandchildren, Crissi, Hannah, Ryvre, and now Baby Zoe. I enjoy sharing my stories with them, with their friends, and now, with you and your children. As you may have guessed, the name Nonno Vecchio is Italian. It means, Wise Grandfather, though the literal translation is Old Grandfather  – as my kids like to point out every now and then 😉 When my grandkids are curled up on the couch next to me and I’ve got them enraptured, their imaginations stirring, and their eyes filled with wonder, it doesn’t matter what their parents teasingly say. My heart is warm and all is at peace with the world.

I write across multiple genres. Nonno Vecchio

You’ll find I write stories across multiple genres including Christian Fiction, Juvenile Fiction, and Fiction. I also write how-to books and poetry under my birth name. I enjoy writing because it allows me to engage my readers’ imaginations, painting pictures with words, and transporting my audience to faraway worlds, or ancient palaces and wonders of the world. And though I do write Christian Fiction, that is not my main focus. I write as the muse directs, incorporating morals and truths in everything I share. If there’s a deeper spiritual message when I’ve completed my story, it’s because that’s the way the story went and not necessarily because that’s what I set out to do. The exception is At the Victor’s Feet. My first novel, I wrote it in the late 1980’s after coming to the realization that the youth I came into contact with were seeking answers their parents couldn’t give them. For me, God is very real and by following Him and regarding carefully His Word, spiritual answers are easily found. Sometimes those answers contradict traditional Christianity. When that happens, it’s always because man corrupted the meaning of what God said. But when God’s Word is taken in context – historical as well as textual – the answer always becomes clear.

It was such a good read – a story of love, deception, betrayal, death, life, judgment and redemption. Karl Koeppen, Pastor, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Kankakee, IL. reviewing At the Victor’s Feet

Whether you are visiting my page for the first time or for the one hundredth time, you are more than welcome! I invite you to pull up a chair with your favorite hot beverage in tow, and visit for a while!

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