About Nonno Vecchio

nonnoVecchio Buon giorno! I am Nonno Vecchio and I love writing stories for children, teens, and young adults! I strive to make my stories entertaining, informative, and imaginative.

I grew up in Miami, Florida the son of a first generation Italian-American father and a mother whose ancestors help found America. Cool, huh? I began writing in junior high school and published my first book of poems at the age of twelve. I have been writing ever since!

During my time on this earth, I have been blessed with many opportunities. Among them are: a) stage magician – I’ve performed before thousands around the world; b) television and video actor; c) fashion photographer; d) motivational speaker; e) teacher. All of them were challenging and fulfilling!

I write my books on my computer and draw my pictures by hand either on my drawing pad,which I then scan into my computer, or right on my computer’s drawing tablet! And then I use my computer to add color. Cool, huh?

I began writing children’s stories in earnest to entertain my grandchildren Crissi, Hannah, Ryvre,and now Baby Zoe. Besides entertaining my own grandkids, my desire is to provide hours of entertainment to you and your loved ones too!

Ciao for now!