Cowboy Bob and the Grousemongrel

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About This Book

Once upon a time, there was a very interesting space-time traveler by the name of Cowboy Bob. Now, Cowboy Bob was not your typical space time traveler, no sir. He was a larger-than-life, rope wrangling, laser gun toting, space cowboy! His Space-Time Machine was actually a converted trailer that he used because he didn’t want to give up the comforts of home. Oh, this was no ordinary trailer for it had been outfitted with the latest gadgetry and space–time drives available in the year 2333. Cowboy Bob could travel back and forth in time anywhere he wanted. And that’s just what he did!

Cowboy Bob traveled all over the universe and all throughout time meeting new life forms and having fantastic adventures! And that’s how he came to have an exciting experience on the planet Bageljuice. You see one day he was traveling along in his trailer with his space–time drives on autopilot, leaning back in his armchair sofa, sipping a nice cold sarsaparilla, when the idea struck him that he had yet to visit the constellation Orion. So he told his computer to reset his course and off he went.

Well, of course you and I are stuck here in the present and we’re not yet aware of all the fantastic adventures there are to have out in deep space. We haven’t met the different species that God created out there. But Cowboy Bob lives in the future and in the future they know that there are multiple life forms all over the universe. So it was that Cowboy Bob was not surprised when he came across the Crossroads Galaxy Diner located between our galaxy and the first galaxy of the constellation Orion. Being hungry, Cowboy Bob decided to stop in at the diner and grab a bite to eat. And it was while he was eating his dish of roast blagelspiel-on-top-glass complete with mashed tummytoes and gravy, cabhart on the cob, lily greens with rumplesnort fat, and cabhartbread, and washing it down with sweet pluckabuncha tea, that he learned of the many different planets available to tourists and explorers throughout the constellation.

And that’s what started him on this here little adventure!