Harvey Rumplemeyer and David and Goliath

Harvey Rumplemeyer - Book 2

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About This Book

Once upon a time there was a space-time traveler named Harvey Rumplemeyer. Not only did he like to travel all over the universe but he liked to travel back and forth through time too! And one of his favorite times to travel to was Fake Bible times. Now, to me and you this might seem like something trivial, but to Harvey Rumplemeyer, this gave him thousands and thousands of years through which to travel and explore. Now, Harvey did not always travel through time. In fact, he discovered time travel quite by accident. You see, he was a regular astronaut with his own rocket ship and everything. He had a snazzy space suit complete with kitchen and flat screen t.v. He had a really cool helmet. And he had a lot of gadgets that future astronauts have because that’s when he lived – in the future!

Well, one day as Harvey was traveling through space, he encountered a meteor storm. Normally, Harvey wasn’t too worried about meteor storms because he had a pretty good space umbrella out front of the ship. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “How could he know where he was going if he had an umbrella in front of the ship?” Well, in the future they’ve invented invisible umbrellas. So, it was quite easy for Harvey to see where he was going because he was seeing right through the umbrella!

Anyway, Harvey wasn’t too worried at first, but then he noticed a great big meteor heading straight for his umbrella! The meteor was huge! It was almost as big as a comet! So of course, that had Harvey worried. He began turning dials and flipping switches and pressing buttons to move the umbrella around to deflect the giant meteor. As luck would have it, just before the meteor hit and obliterated the umbrella, Harvey pressed a button he had never seen before. And just like that, the giant meteor disappeared! In fact, the entire meteor storm disappeared too. And that’s when Harvey began to notice the stars were a little different. You see, astronauts can tell time in various ways. One of those ways is by looking at the stars and noticing their positions. Well, Harvey noticed the stars’ positions were not where they were when he entered the meteor storm. So he began looking around in earnest to determine what happened. And that’s when he realized he had traveled through time!

At first, he was a little flustered. But, then his astronaut training kicked in and he began really looking to see what had happened. One of the first things he noticed was that button that he had never seen before – it was all lit up like a Christmas tree! And right next to it were a series of numbers that looked strangely like dates. It didn’t take Harvey long to figure out what happened – after all he did have a Ph.D. in Space Travelology – at which point he sat back amazed.

“Well I’ll be!” He muttered to himself. “A Space–Time Travel Machine! How did I get one of these?” And he thought, and he thought, and he thought some more but he never did figure out how it was he got a Space–Time Travel Machine. But it’s what he discovered later that proved to be really interesting…!