Lily McGriffin and the Pyramids of Egypt

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About This Book

MummyOnce upon a time, there was a young explorer named Lily McGriffin. She, like her brother Harvey Rumplemeyer, liked to travel through space and time and have fantastical adventures!

One day, as she was sitting around the space port looking for something to do, she spotted the Louvre museum sitting way over there in Paris, France. Ever curious, Lily began researching the museum and discovered that it is housed within the Palais du Louvre, or Louvre Palace, and is home to more than 30,000 historical objects!

“Wow!” She thought. “That’s a lot of dusting!” Ever the practical one, Lily realized the museum must spend a small fortune on feather dusters….

Anyway, while she was staring through the space port’s electronical explore-a-rometer device, using its telescopic magnification functionalizer, something caught her eye. Sitting out there in the middle of the main courtyard was a huge glass structure. Made up of a series of rhombus and triangle shaped segments, the structure looked like a giant pyramid. And that’s when Lily knew what she wanted to do!

Without another moment’s thought, Lily dashed through the space port to her Space-Time Machine and readied the ship for a trip through space and time!

After kissing her mom and dad goodbye, she locked herself in and set course for Egypt!

“Now, you be home in time for dinner,” her mother called after her – which, when you think about it, was unnecessary – “we’re having your favorite!” But by the time her mother had gotten the word ‘favorite’ out, Lily was half-way to Egypt.

As she approached Earth in her pink, VW Bug shaped Space-Time Machine, Lily spun the time dials to 2700 BCE and pressed the Time Dilation button and *POOF!* just like that Lily disappeared from her time and reappeared in 2700 BCE!