Little Sally Sea Shell

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About This Book

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Little Sally Seashell and she lived by the seashore. Every day after school, Sally would go walking the beach up and down, up and down, up and down, looking for sea shells to sell to the tourists from out of town. You see, Sally came from a very poor family. Her mommy and her daddy had lost their jobs and were struggling to pay the rent on the house in which they lived. They had to get help from the city, from the county, and from the local churches just to pay the bills. Fortunately for Sally and her family however, they lived in a city that understood the responsibility of helping those in need even if the President and his staff in Washington did not.

Well, all the local townspeople chipped in and helped Sally sell her seashells to the tourists from out of town. They understood what it meant for the little girl to be able to help her family in their time of need. So Mr. Brown the local carpenter, provided the wood that Sally needed to set up her sea shell stand. And Mr. Smith, the local painter, provided the paint and made the fancy designs that attracted the people who came to Sally’s stand. And Mrs. Obermeyer, the mayor’s wife, took it upon herself to check on Sally throughout the afternoon to make sure the girl was safe.

Sally liked to walk up and down the beach looking for the prettiest seashells she could find because they were the best sellers. But one day, Little Sally Sea Shell walked too far and became lost. And it began to rain too. She looked, and looked, and looked some more and finally found a cave to shelter in. It wasn’t long before she fell fast asleep and all the townspeople gathered to help her parents find her.