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Poetic Meditations

ISBN: 9781628717099

About This Book

PoeticMeditationsAfter the publication of my first book of poetry, Rhythms of My Life, I was urged to create a book of meditative poetry that could be read as often as folks meditate and pray. After some very serious contemplation and meditation on my part this is the result. I repeat in this back page space some of my initial summary as it continues to apply to this latest effort.

My personal faith in Christ has been growing and enlarging from the time I was saved as a child. Through my stubborn and at times absurd rejection of what Christ wanted for me, HE has always remained steadfast and true. I really believe that Christ is truly the only choice we have as humans. I got married when I turned twenty and before the end of our second year God called her home. It took many years to get past her abrupt death and during that time I rebelled against God and humankind alike. It is interesting that this period of my life allowed me to get closer to God than can ever be imagined. God does forgive and God will not turn His back on anyone, no matter what they do to try to force Him.